Continental Food and Beverage Inc. (CF&B) was created in 2001 and became the first Hispanic and woman owned Bottler/Distributor for The Coca Cola Co. Today CF&B is a premier bottler and distributor that continues to manage the Inca Kola brand and has grown their business with the development of their own trademark TropiSol and the acquisition of Malta El Sol. CF&B delivers quality products along with quality service to a network of customers in 32 States. In the New York metropolitan area we have our own DSD system servicing over 1500 points of sale. Our services include Marketing, Brand Management, Sales and Distribution. Under the TropiSol Brand we have beverages, Casabe and Other grocery items. In addition to our own brands we represent other companies with products such as Rice, Corn Meal, Bulgar Wheat, Instant Oats, Coconut milk, hot sauces, Tuna Fish and Other dry grocery items. We specialize in products for Ethnic consumers and maintain relationships with all the independent grocery operators in the Tri State area as well as the major chains such as ShopRite, Pathmark and Stop n Shop. For more information about our business model and our products please complete the form on our contact page.

inca Kola Sodas