Los Angeles Peruvian Festival 2017

Inca Kola the golden Kola once again making strides with the Peruvian community of Los Angeles on July 30th celebrated the Peruvian Festival of Los Angeles with La India preforming all her Salsa Hits and enjoying the flavor of the famous Peruvian cuisine alongside Inca Kola the golden Kola.

As a main Sponsor of the festival Inca Kola was part of all their celebrations, attending a crowd of more than 3000 people at the Pico Rivera stadium Inca Kola burst all the colors to share with the Salsa sounds of La India.

The rich flavor of the Peruvian flag and the Peruvian cuisine alongside all festival goers celebrating diversity on a great day for Peruvians, all Food and music Lovers

The Peruvian Festival of Los Angeles is a yearly event that celebrates the Peruvian Independence on July 28th.